How to navigate your way around the St Samuel's to view all of the student content:


Tthe "Academy Update" section of the site is useful, as it will give you a complete overview of the new material that has been added to the site. Clicking on any of the blue-coloured links will take you straight to the particular newly-introduced item that has aroused your special interest.



Going to the "Student Files" page of a campus presents you with a "filing cabinet", on each drawer of which is a boy's photograph and name. Clicking on the boy's photograph takes you to his personal files.

Each boy's files consist of seven separate sets of file cards (any of the seven sections may consist of multiple pages - check the information on the card). You can move from one to another by appropriate clicking at any point.

(1) The Personal Details file gives some basic information about the boy.

(2) The Background & Academic Progress file gives information about the circumstances of the boy's admission to the school, his disposition and his progress so far.

(3) The Physical Education card lists the boy's various sports and details of progress made in each. Clicking on the various dates in the right-hand "photos added" column of this file card will give access (if available) to files of appropriate photographs.

(4) The Social Development file records how the boy interacts with staff and fellow students, in particular his room-mate at the school. Dated reports summarise incidents recorded on the school's CCTV network and the filmed images may be accessed by clicking on any of the dates in the right-hand "video added" column.

(5) The Medical History file records not only each boy's vital statistics, paying particular attention for our research purposes to his sexual development, but also his various dated medical examinations, attached to each of which is a written report (accessed by clicking on the date in the "report" column) and a set of photographs (accessed by clicking on the date in the "photos added" column). Our Guardians - Sponsors who have signed up for six months at a time - have unique access to full videos of some boys' medical examinations, accessed by clicking on the date in the "report" column of the boy's medical card.

(6) The Disciplinary Record file lists a boy's infringements of school rules resulting in disciplinary action - both the subsequent report of such action and a photographic record may be accessed by clicking on dates in the appropriate columns of the record card.

(7) The Miscellaneous Correspondence file contains any other material we have received about each boy that does not fit into any other folder - to access any such material, click where indicated in the right-hand column.

As you can see, dear Sponsor, there is plenty to see on this website about life at our Academy.

We do not, therefore, propose to detain you here any longer.

Feel free to explore the site, to get to know us, to develop warm and intimate friendships with our students - and to come back for more next week!