Afiliate Question


There is a 2 step process to become a TwinkAcademy affiliate, please carefully read the instructions below

Step 1 Click here to start step 1

- If you are new to Verotel select "Register as a reseller" on the bottom left hand side from the Verotel website.
- If you have an existing Verotel reseller account select "I am already a reseller" on the bottom right hand side.

(B) Write down your VEROTEL ID and SECRET CODE

(C) Once you have created your Verotel reseller account, or have added Twink Academy to your existing Verotel reseller account proceed to step 2.

Step 2 Click here to start step 2

Due to the bonus material that can only be accessed by Guardian Sponsors ( 6 Month $75 dollar membership), the Guardian Sponsor section is treated as a separate website in Verotel's system. As a result of this you will need to add this site to your Verotel reseller account so you can get credit for the special 6 month memberships.

(B) Select "I am already a reseller" on the bottom right hand side.


(D) You are all set! Add the Twink Academy banners to your site and start earning money!!

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q. Why does this have to be so complicated? A. Due to Verotel's setup it is necessary that they treat "Twink Academy" and the special "Twink Academy Guardian Sponsor Content" as two separate sites. As a result you must signup for both affiliate programs to get credit for all the possible signup options at Twink Academy.
  • Q. What if I DO NOT complete Step 2? A. You will only get credit for $15 ( 1 month ) and $40 ( 3 month ) signups, You will not get credit for the $75 ( 6 month ) signups. * 6 month signups currently make up approx. 45 % of our sales.
  • Q. Since there are 2 sites what link code or banners should I use? A. Either will be fine. The link code puts a cookie on the surfers PC. Verotel reads this cookie during the signup process, as long as you are a reseller for both the Twink Academy, and Twink Academy Guardian Sponsor sites you will get credit for the sale regardless of what site's link code was used.

If you have any further questions please contact SUPPORT.