St. Samuel's is very conscious of the medical issues and problems which sometimes arise within close-knit communities where a great deal of social interaction is constantly taking place. As a result of that awareness, each of our campuses supports a fully trained and equipped medical team, all highly qualified practitioners in their various fields and ready to deal with all eventualities.

Each campus is supported by full-time doctors, all of whom are specialists in boys’ physical and psychological development. They are attracted to work at St. Samuel's by the opportunity it provides for them to explore and develop their specialized research on a numerically significant sample of adolescent boys and all of them take exceptionally deep interests in their charges.

Sponsors should note that St. Samuel’s medical staff are currently taking a leading part in a global survey on male adolescent growth and development. All boys may, from time to time, be required to make themselves available as subjects for the survey.
To ensure that accurate and consistent data is obtained from all those participating, it is a requirement that the entire examination procedure be videotaped to ensure that the strict guidelines have been followed. The entire examination generally lasts for 30-40 minutes, and includes a detailed assessment of the pupils' levels of sexual development.